Google is About to Punish You If Your Website is Not Mobile-Friendly

April 14, 2015 Google

On April 21, Google will be updating its algorithm, and the result could be problematic for your search ranking if your site is not responsive. A responsive website repositions itself to fit on a mobile device or tablet. You can learn more about responsive websites here.

The changes will reward sites that can be read without the need to zoom and with content of appropriate size that minimizes scrolling. If your site looks exactly the same on a mobile browser as on a desktop monitor, it will negatively affect your current ranking come April 21.

Google has released a Mobile Friendly Test that can help you gauge how well your website will fare once the changes are in place. I implore anyone with a website for their business to take this test. If your site is not mobile-ready and fails this test, now is the time to remedy that situation.

If you have any questions about these changes, or would like to update to a mobile-ready website, please contact Fleishman Design today.