You have about 15 seconds to tell your visitors what it is you do, and why they should choose you over your competitors. Our philosophy is to use strong imagery, brief strong statements, and strong calls to action to lead your users where they need to go, and where you need them to go.

We develop in the Wordpress content management system, with a very usable back end interface that allows clients to edit the content of their site on their own once live. Most of the sites we create use responsive themes that are customized to present your company’s content, color palette, fonts, and general branding elements.

Every theme we use is responsive, which means it will reconfigure itself to fit perfectly on any size screen: desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. You can learn more about responsive themes in our blog post here:

Other web services include:

• Web design

• Online advertising

• Email

• E-commerce

• Hosting

Strong, direct, simple composition is the key to effective design. Our goal is to weed out the unnecessary elements that distract from your message, so clients and potential clients receive the powerful message you present.

We can handle design of any shape, size, or style.  Some examples of they type of projects we can handle are:

• Brochures,

• Posters,

• Flyers,

• Business Cards,

• Advertising,

• Leave-behinds,

• Signage,

• Menus,

• Save the dates,

• and much more…

The key is consistency. Not only can Fleishman Design give you the unique, professional logo you’ve always wanted, but we will also help provide a set of graphic standards consisting of fonts, a color palette, and graphic elements that will be used across all media to create a recognizable visual identity.

We consider the visual aspect of your brand to be the most important. The idea is to leave a positive, lasting, memorable impression on potential clients, so you are top of mind next time they seek services within your industry.  You know you’re the best, so you should look the part. Be proud of how you’re presented!

Fleishman Design has a great deal of experience with the tremendous amount of design associated with conferences. We have helped create save the dates, posters, flyers, web banners, programs, signage, hanging and pull-up banners, indoor and outdoor signage, name badges, table tents, and much more for a number of conferences including the NIH Conference and the International Policy Conference held at Millersville University.

We can also help you with your trade show booth, creating ten and five foot pop-up booths, banner stands, brochures, leave-behinds, and any other support you may need.

Having an issue with the back end of your Wordpress site? Send us a note. We'd love to meet with you and see if we can resolve your issue.

Fleishman Design is a hosting reseller. We offer a number of hosting packages, ranging from a simple place for your website to live, to regular site and plugin backups, to an hour or two of maintenance. Contact us for more information. 

Be Proud of How You're Presented

Get a kick out of handing out business cards and leading people to your site.

Enhancing Your Brand

The key to being recognizable is being consistent in layout, color, font, element, and language throughout all your media.

Creativity is A Must

You never know where inspiration will hit, but the key is to harness that inspiration into a creative solution that will make your project jump off the screen or page.

Speed and Accuracy

We strive not only to meet, but to exceed our deadlines, while maintaining the precision needed to prevent extra rounds of revisions.

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Mike Fleishman

Mike started Fleishman Design in State College, PA in 2010, and moved the company to Annapolis, MD when his wife accepted a position at Chesapeake College on the Eastern Shore. He has over 15 years of design experience. The early part of his career was spent at a government contracted health and medical communications firm in Silver Spring, MD.

When he’s not busy enhancing your brand, you can find him at the park with his four year old daughter and newborn son, playing lacrosse, or updating his fantasy squads.

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